Richard Dawkins

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

There was surprise when Prof Dawkins acknowledged that he was less than 100 per cent certain of his conviction that there is no creator.

The philosopher Sir Anthony Kenny, who chaired the discussion, interjected: “Why don’t you call yourself an agnostic?” Prof Dawkins answered that he did.

An incredulous Sir Anthony replied: “You are described as the world’s most famous atheist.”

Prof Dawkins said that he was “6.9 out of seven” sure of his beliefs.

“I think the probability of a supernatural creator existing is very very low,” he added.

He also said that he believed it was highly likely that there was life on other planets.


a “strong” atheist would claim that they know god doesn’t exist; a “weak” atheist lacks a belief but can’t make the claim that they have knowledge that god doesn’t exist.

In all seriousness now, I’m fed up of living in a world where we atheists need to be seen as unmilitant, because anyone militant is bad, and any atheist that says “there’s no god” is immediately classed as “militant”, and put in the same category as Bin Laden. It’s bullshiat, let’s be clear, there are no gods, but i’m not going to blow anyone up to prove that point, i’ll just sit back and continue drinking, making the occasional fark post.

Baroness Warsi the biatchwhore thinks that by warning of a rise in militant atheism she can make it appear to be something to be feared, because otherwise rationality will rise up and overtake her stone age beliefs and then she won’t know what to do, because she’ll have spent her life in service to an obviously false premise.

Also there seems to be a desire to stem atheism and secularism by making religion to be the de facto state of normality, and thus any challenge to it is instantly extremist. It’s bullshiat, we are already a secular society, we should be spitting on the faces of religious people who try to change that, rather than welcoming them in under the umbrella of religious tolerance.

Anyone that seeks to regress civilisation by provoking an advancement of religion by stoking primal fears of the unknown does need to be kept away from civilised people.

Yeah, just like you can more or less prove the Bible is bullshiat, but can’t absolutely prove that the Christian god or any other god isn’t real. It’s a fairly semantic argument, maybe, but this thread was sparked by Dawkins saying he can’t be absolutely sure there is no god.

There’s nothing wrong with beliefs in God and other intangible phenomena (life after death, etc) — the problems begin when religions make claims about the physical world, someone proves them to be bogus, and the religion then goes to great lengths to prevent others from changing their views and thus drifting away from the religion.

 Science taught us how to put planes in the air and ships in space. It lets people use little machines to post messages in a completely intangible environment like this one. It’s eradicated diseases and doubled life expectancy in the past thousand years or so.

Can you do any of these the same with prayer?

Belief is something that has been with our species for a long time. Scientists hypothesize there is a structure in the brain for belief. Being an inherent trait, something which does not have to be taught or learned, we (most of us) are born to believe. Man, with his consciousness, took this structure and created religion. He used belief to create religion in order to allow clans to live together with rules arbitrated by a supernatural being who could not be doubted. Religions should enhance survival, or the believers die out like the Shakers. They should protect their beliefs and the culture that is created from it.

A person’s belief quotient (my personal meter) is based on how much a person’s beliefs affect their actions, how “real” they treat their beliefs. A BQ can be high or low, depending on the “belief structure” in their brain, and depending on the environment in which they were raised. The conclusion I have reached from this is that belief is like homosexuality. You are born with it, and it is enhanced or suppressed by the environment you are raised in.





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