William Flew and Political Religion

December 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The G.O.P. field is led by a Mormon and a twice-divorced Catholic. Does that show evangelicals’ influence has waned? NY Times discussion:

Are Republicans really religious?

Christians out there should heed Jesus’s words about the rich and poor. The false prophet of gold, Fox News isn’t Godly. The Republicans aren’t Christ-like. I abandoned them after the deficit of George Bush, and so should all believers. They worship gold, not God, and the Bible is very clear in the book of Job and Matthew that the poor should be cared for, not blamed for sinning.

Evangelicals are conservatives. They will defend the status quo. They will justify the system no matter how corrupt, unjust, or inept. They represent an organized religious sect that sees threat to their belief system in any natural or political disaster.
They respond to leadership that tells them how to behave. They are victims of their own fears. They obey blindly to system dependence when every event is interpreted as a personal threat to their belief system.
Every conservative belief acts the same way regardless of religion or politics.
Such people feel that they have no control over their own lives.
The typical reaction is a violent attack on any idea or event and the need for leadership that blames another group for their insecurity.

Christianity has been hijacked by its right wing, i.e. fundamentalists, just as the Republican Party has been hijacked by its right wing.

I don’t think religion should be a part of the national political discourse.

It’s the moderates not speaking out that allows this perversion to happen. You don’t have to be religious to be moral or to do the right thing, in politics, or some other arena.
Moderates seem to be too lazy, too “politically correct,” to speak out against the damaging effects of faith and religion upon our national discourse.

Does Mary support abortion on demand, or partial birth abortion, or homosexual marriage? I think not. Hence, she smiles upon the GOP. Wake up, unbelievers!

If the way to the GOP nomination is to convince the party that you are the Christian Taliban, we’ve gone off the edge. I’m so sick of the whole gestalt of sanctimonious hypocrisy . I’m all for wiping out all tax exemptions to religious groups. If they want to have a church, they should be willing to pay for it.

One can only hope that evangelical influence is on the decline, especially the book-burning, born again, sex phobic, Armageddon-seeking, nut job variety that the US has hothoused in their millions. Those people are downright dangerous and a serious threat to liberty.

There is no room for religion in politics. If lies, deceit, trades for power, quid pro quo deals, and all manner of under the table dealing are the norm, where is god in all of this? How can you rationalize this behavior with the teaching of any organized religion?

There is no room for religion in poiltics. You can tell a christian b the way they live. Going to church does not make you christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car. 

If these are christains, then they I refuse to believe in their god. I want nothing to to with a religion that advocate segregation, profiling, prejudice, and bigotry based on earnings.

Moderates are busy getting on with life. Fundamentalists are so insecure in their faith and identity that they have to throw themselves wholeheartedly into activities that are destructive to themselves and society just to prove to themselves and their peers that they are very serious about their beliefs.

the mind-numbing hypocrisy at the heart of the evangelical movement, and the Republican Party. The Party has a clear choice between a total moral degenerate and a person of utmost moral rectitude. Between a man who has trashed, trampled, and spat on the very basic concepts of family values–not once, but twice–and a man around whom swirls not even a whisper of marital infidelity.

The Party of evangelicals is rallying behind the total morally degenerate, adulterous, lying, Washington power broker and keeping its distance from a real businessman who actually lives according to the principles of family values.

Republicans are exhibiting a mentality with such a monumental capacity for self-deception and self-justification as to constitute a psychotic personality, involving serious mental impairment, if not outright insanity. Gingrich’s rise shows that something has gone seriously wrong in the psyche of the Republican Party. The decades of living the Big Lie–preaching the gospel of smaller government and less spending, while implementing policies that did exactly the opposite–have taken their toll on the capacity for rational thought. 

“Republican Evangelical Heartland Rallies Behind Moral Degenerate.” If that doesn’t issue a wake-up call to the nation as to the real nature of the Republican Party, God help us.

Will US ever have an atheist President?

There will be a Muslim US president before there is an Atheist US president?!

This is just another example of the disconnect between the governing and the governed.

A sure sign that a democracy is floundering is when religious proclamations are a requisite for public office, rather than a disqualification. Any discussion involving religion necessitates a suspension of reason and rational thought.
History is littered with the carcasses of once-great empires that got lazy, lost focus, and spent their time exalting the frivolous when they should have been confronting looming realities. Those empires considered themselves invincible and expected to go on forever. Where are they now? A sober reminder to our nation that nothing lasts forever. The only thing we have some control over is the rate of decay. Injecting religion into public policy is a distraction that impedes our efforts to extend our historical lifespan as a notable power.

They’re all bad

I’m evangelical. I used to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. Unfortunately, since politics itself is usually formed of men who want money and power, there is no “lesser” of two evils. Democratic hopefuls typically claim to be pro-ecology (which often they really aren’t) which I could get behind, but then are usually backed by pro abortion orgs. Which to me is like saying “hey candidate X will save the ocean and economy and finance killing people in other ways, so vote candidate X” – So I don’t vote for democrats. Republicans often claim to be pro-life (but often aren’t, really) and I could get behind anyone who is even slightly more pro-life than a Democrat, but then often are backed by big dirty business and oil. So, either way, I’m stumped. How can I vote for the lesser of two evils when all candidates are dirty?

A quibble with your choice of words: You refer to “pro abortion orgs”. While I’m aware of many pro-choice organizations, I can’t say I know of any pro-abortion organizations, i.e., organizations that encourage women to have one. Being pro-choice means that you believe a woman should be permitted to have an abortion if she choices, not that you encourage women to do so.

3 serious candidates? The loopy PTA mom who never has her facts straight (or her husband for that matter), the deer in the headlights who can’t count to 3, and the worst hypocrite of yesterdays Senate are serious contenders? God help us.

The Godless are gonna get it

One day all of the Godless infidels of this country will be rounded up and dealt with as they were in Iran by Ayatolluh Khomeini. The disrespect for religion is going to bite them so hard they won’t know what hit them.

The Godly are Stupid

This simply suggests Evangelicals lack the capacity to translate their dogmatism into actionable items themselves and end up being used by pragmatic politicians. This is only logical after all. Beliefs such as that the Earth is 4,000 years old despite archaeological evidence and that a whale swallowed Jonah – who survived to emerge unharmed – are not precisely the most reliable indicators of particularly sharp minds.

Perhaps what has waned is the weird notion that Republicans will somehow field magically virtuous candidates more readily than Democrats. Perhaps what has waxed is Evangelicals’ awareness that proclamations of virtue most often come from crooks and philanderers. Perhaps even Evangelicals can literally come to their senses, in addition to their faith. Excellent – we should all use all of the gifts God has given us.

The Freedom of Religion

We learned — or should have — during the Enlightenment, that theologically-based governments are doctrine-bound and fail to meet the demands of changing knowledge and needs — witness Galilelo’s imprisonment and the modern attempt to suppress the teaching of the basic biological phenomenon, evolution. Just look at the squabbles about matters of faith among the protestants, Catholics and Mormons in this country and the hysteria over Sharia law. If we need a modern-day laboratory about faith-based government, all you have to do is look at Israel and the tensions between the secular and orthodox Jews over how to run the country. The lessons of history are plain and stark — for example the Saint Batholomew’s Day Massacre of protestants by Catholics. Remember Mohandas Ghandi’s admonition that all religions are equally valid — the precise reason why governments should be secular. Freedom of religion depends on freedom from religion.

Judge not lest ye be judged, my very self-righteous pals. Put Christ or cops in gay bedrooms? Kill murderers for God’s sake? Stop giving to the poor, the kids, the farm workers w/o papers? Preach Armageddon’s eternal barbecue but say “I luv ya, Jew. I is a Jew”? Say “no” to taxing rich people or their estates, but cut Medicare for the elderly? Back breaks for sugar farmers but not mortgage-holders? Hate Darwin, Marx, Einstein, Keynes. Denigrate university professors and celebrate fake plumbers and half-governors who don’t read papers or books? Put Christianity above all other religions, ‘cuz except for Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, and a few others, the “originalists” was us?

I am sorry. I have great love for Christian civilization, religious history, and ideas. But when redneck, know-nothings in the US try to fit their biases around my neck, PLEASE don’t pretend either the Founding Fathers or the Patriarchs would back you. Or if you think they DO, explain why some stoned fallen women and we won’t, some allowed slavery and we don’t. Chill, my evangoservative friends. Practice tolerance, charity, and kindness Keep YOUR specialized deities out of my bedroom, wallet, school board, and White House. Leave them to the progressive, liberal, educated Americans who can’t make sense out of Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, Cain, Gingrich. Love us. We help the US do good works that SOME regard as holy. Try it, you’ll like it. Be evangelical but be a true democrat at it. Yes, you can.


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