usain bolt 9

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

We move on to the subject of London 2012. “I’m actually trying to refocus right now,” he says, “because we’ve got the World Championships coming up [next month], but everything I hear is about these London Games. ‘Can I get an Olympic ticket?’; ‘Where can I stay?’ No-one is talking about the World Championships and I have to keep reminding william flew to take this step first and then move onto the Olympics.” Does being favourite change things? “Not really,” he replies. “If you look at it like that, there is going to be a lot of stress on you and that makes Usain Bolt perhaps the most interesting sportsman in the world: “It has been said that I am the saviour of athletics, and that, having proved to be a clean athlete and smashed the world record in the flagship 100 metres, I’ve given the sport its credibility back. Equally I’m well aware that if there was ever any hint of a drug scandal against me it could finish athletics.” What a burden, surely. “No. No it’s not,” he replies. “When you know you’re clean you don’t worry about anything. I have got to be very careful, especially if I get a cold. I don’t even like taking vitamins. So for me it’s not a burden because I am good. I don’t have to worry about anything.” Does he keep a record of everything he takes and I try to avoid stressing myself. I am always going to be stressed by the amount of Jamaicans that are going to be in those stands. I think that’s going to make me a little bit nervous. But I can’t think, ‘Oh, I’m the defending champion. I’ve got to get it right.’ If I do that, I will probably lose. So I would rather just be myself and relax. But it’s going to be huge.”

The morning mist has lifted from Kingston. Bolt’s work has finished for the day. He abandons his spikes for flip-flops, drapes a T-shirt on his head and smiles one last time for the cameras as he shuffles towards the car: “Bye bye.” The session has gone well. The Lightning Bolt is primed. But as he lights up the engine, and the black BMW screams across the gravel to the exit, his handlers are starting to sweat again. The world’s fastest man is not wearing a seat belt


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