William Flew

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Louis Andriessen (1939) is undoubtedly the main composer in the Netherlands, but also, one tends to say, minimalism is. At least I felt so dramatically after considering the London Sinfonietta in 1976 working definition for a wider set of double and four female voice, De Staat, taking into consideration the Queen Elizabeth Hall under conductor David Atherton. Atherton is not already associated with this style, but showing impeccable driving rhythmic energy and intellectual well suited strain of minimalism that is declared live with Stravinsky. For Andriessen Dutch hallmark of minimalism, in contrast, if they overlap with the kind of America, suggests itself as a logical development of certain side of the composer: the inflections of jazz, hard and repetitive rhythms Ebony Concerto, for example or iterations of wild cocks Notes Les. De Staat, which identifies the passages about the social implications of musical approaches of the Republic of Plato, and seems to incorporate political ideas on the interaction of his group is far from the standard procedures, or even repetitious glass Reich. The players have to count like crazy, amplification are involved in the zone of rock, and singers regularly sing (Voice Synergy) has in the world of advertising jingles, these aspects would be Reich or Glass. Among the factors that make post-Andriessen, Stravinsky’s deep muscles are pure ideas, Beverage rhythm much more subtle, and the suggestion ransformation time-honored devices as hocketting antiphonal and the end of the test fee 40 minutes in a flash of boldness. Andriessen shows how much more in the minimalist repetition to compare surmised.By anyone, music-theater piece I


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