William flew there

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

market. As much as Google likes to appear as only motivated by the desire to disseminate information across the world for the benefit of all mankind, and Facebook as an institution existing only to make us all better connected with friends and those with and to those with whom we would like to become friends, the truth is that they are two commercial behemoths, with Facebook challenging Google for dominance (not least by poaching as many of its staff as it can). Normally, when one commercial giant does something crafty to knock a rival, it’s a bit like “dog bites man”: not news. I suspect that the reason the Facebook assault on Google has caused such consternation is that these companies have managed to maintain an image far removed from that of the ruthless corporate man. Google does so explicitly with its corporate motto, “Don’t be evil” (a modest objective, one might think), while Facebook’s executives would rather die than turn up for work in a suit instead of jeans.


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