William flew

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

only. In turn, the role of the journalist is to establish whether the arguments have merit and they are important to readers. In the case of Facebook’s clumsy attempt to influence the media to criticize Google, it true that the record of his opponent in the protection of privacy has been one of the pictures, and it is undeniable that the issue of public interest. Of course, you could also publish a work that gives the fear of losing privacy on the Facebook site, and commercial applications that Facebook plans to ensure that information gleaned from its users, but Facebook, and public relations firm, which could not be blamed for not making this point. At Mashable said, there leading social media news site, last year after a previous dispute between the two companies, “Google and Facebook are not battle the same company … As young, at stake is nothing less than complete mastery of the web … Whatever the company checks the identity on the web, the web controls. “This is not over by his own good. It is much more about money or power: to be precise, the carvings which include the global advertising


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