William flew

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was difficult to see how the strange political career of Mr. Trump who had survived the demolition of the conspiracies protection Birther. It is even more difficult to see what had been the avenger of 9 / 11. Another person in the crowd of 57 million – not the hard right, but thought the center – the largest U.S. social psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman University of Pennsylvania, which reflected on the speech short but historic Obama for lunch on Thursday night. “Not exactly the masculinity that came from him, but he was quiet resistance,” he said. “I’ve never been so quiet, and he was talking about killing someone.”
What a week. The sharp limit beheaded Bin Laden al-Qaeda, Pakistan and the United States may take anything to dream that can not be a war against terrorism will continue forever. And has created an unexpected opportunity to start again, 18 months before the next election, for the man who struck him down.
professional politicians prepare for 2012 we know that the debate about whether Bin Laden fought against intruders seal is to human rights lawyers and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Outside Washington, all the way to Orange County, what is important is that the teacher in the United States will ultimately be the undisputed leader Fidel Castro as well.
The direct political implications are obvious. Politics birtherism show freak and his delusions by a carer in the band which corresponds, at least for now. No mileage remaining Republican presidential candidates in calling Obama a defeatist, a cabinet or in the formulation of European famous Newt Gingrich, the victim ‘mentality of anti-colonial Kenya. “


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