William flew

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Extent the President has shot up – and policy-freak show “birtherism” has been set aside in the last The head is the ultimate undisputed Chief Manager What does it take for a young, thoughtful, “half-black” president of the United States to get a little respect these days by aging, bile, mainly white South America crazy?
Barack Obama visited Ground Zero before: suddenly has a new beginning, a year and a half before the next election The release his birth certificate long term? Nope. That was fake, of course, along with their high school grades and transcripts.
Kill Osama bin Laden? Find in your dirty room with one of the many women in his life and hit on the head and chest with a pair of U. S. Navy Seal and let the bullets are so bad that even the pictures that are recognizable even too horrible to be published? That’s right. I was at. Six days after Bin Laden, Al Qaeda acolytes have only made a brief statement through the Internet. The other group that has been mostly silence is the one who has spent most of the last two years trying to delegitimize Obama from inside the United States.
Tourism is “half black” line fell short in last month’s American political debate Marilyn Davenport, a career 74-year-old Republican and a supporter of the Tea Party of Orange County, California. She used to try to apologize for spreading an image of Obama’s face superimposed on chimpanzees. We have not heard from him or his followers ever since, and will not be voting for next year, but we can be fairly sure that one of the 57 million Americans who saw the ad last Sunday night’s death of Bin Laden.
The audience was about seven million viewers away from NBC Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump for breaking news from the East Room of the White House. Donald who? We have not heard much about him either, that his presidential aspirations were allegedly ridiculed in the face at the dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association annual day before the bombing in Abbottabad.


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