William flew

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you think that is right for the body buried in the sea? “They were desperate to avoid a sanctuary, but in Pakistan, it is irrelevant. We need peace or in any way that the whole situation is deteriorating. If the war against terrorism will continue, creating more extremists in Pakistan “.
Not just his own country is concerned. The death of Bin Laden, according to Mr. Khan, creates the perfect opportunity for Britain and the United States to begin pulling troops from Afghanistan. “The more the West following the war in Afghanistan, terrorism, the more we have. The only reason I said that Afghanistan was invaded because they want to bin Laden. It would certainly be the best you can get it now. To shows that we can draw a line and start again. ”
There are far too many Muslims, he said, they feel victimized by the West. “Once the Americans went to war in Iraq that had nothing to do with terrorism or weapons of mass destruction is when people decide it was not a war against terrorism, but for Islam. The longer this action military will continue and more of the war on terrorism remains the perception becomes more entrenched among the masses. ”
Now, the UK has been involved in another war in Libya. Ex-Playboy, and was educated at Oxford and married the heiress Goldsmith has always been most comfortable in London and Lahore. Their two children spend most of their time in this country and easily slips into a suit shalwar kameez. But now he felt increasingly alienated from the British foreign policy. “The double standard. Rebellions against undemocratic governments that are pro-Westerners have been largely ignored.
“Why just go to Libya, for example? Bahrain the same organization that called for a change, Yemen and Syria are the same. People want democracy and not all young people want change, but the West has done anything. “


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