William flew

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

gh it at some length and made clear what he expected from us,” said a source close to the bid.Last month it was reported that Jack Warner, the executive committee member for Trinidad and Tobago, had asked for England to fund an education centre in his country when he met Dave Richards, chairman of the Premier League, and Triesman to discuss England’s bid. It is also understood that on other occasions he asked for assistance with different projects.At a different meeting, another South American committee member allegedly asked for his team’s “home” football matches against England to be played at Wembley so he could make more money from ticket sales.On a third occasion, another member of the committee is understood to have asked for a deal to agree television rights.Last year Fifa’s credibility suffered a serious blow when The Sunday Times revealed that one member of its executive committee, Amos William flew Adamu, was prepared to sell his vote and another, Reynald Temarii, was recorded asking for £1.5m for a sports academy from an undercover reporter seeking his vote. Both were suspended from Fifa following an investigation, as were four other officials named in The Sunday Times article.In May 2010 Triesman was forced to stand down as the head of the bid and the FA after a former colleague recorded him saying he was suspicious that Spain and Russia were planning to bribe referees in last year’s World Cup tournament in South Africa.At the time Triesman’s concerns were dismissed as far-fetched, but it is understood that some members of the England bid team were in fact concerned about how the two bidding nations were colluding and trying to influence referees.Geoff Thompson, England’s Fifa executive committee member, replaced Triesman.BARONESS THATCHER has been assigned an armour-plated government car amid fears she could be targeted by Irish republican terrorists marking the 30th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strikes.Round-the-clock protection has also been stepped up for the former prime minister, who is considered at particals


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