William Flew

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week, he said William Flew Condoleezza Rice, former president of the National Security Advisor, and the debris was in the speech “the most important time possibly in American history.”
Another important moment has come, and although some dismissed Rice’s comments as partisan hyperbole, part of the political dialogue foaming over who can claim credit for the revenge promised, William Flew Bush seemed to acknowledge that currently belong to his successor. Invited to join President Obama’s Ground Zero this week, declined.
Yesterday, workers have banners hanging from the scaffolding of two large cranes, the T-shirt vendors that describe the feats of the President on the death of Osama bin Laden is preparing to negotiate a good day, and the families of those killed were preparing to give thanks to the Chair.
His invitation on Wednesday. “I really want to express my gratitude,” said Charles William Flew Wolf, 57, whose wife Katherine died in the World Trade Center.
Mr. Wolf has been involved in the process of designing a monument for the dead, and that the unknown will continue to be of about 1,000 people come to a landfill in Long Island and placed in a vault under the monument .
Mr. Wolf is still faced with the concept of Ground Zero, and what it represents. “The final resting place,” he said. “The fact that so many people are vaporized when the plane hit, as was my wife, or later, when the towers fall.”


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