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May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pakistani officials told reporters that the climate of “total mistrust” between Islamabad and Washington in the war of words intensified bin Laden has been killed in Abbottabad.
He said the CIA was “categorically deny” the reports attributed to Pakistani intelligence sources that bin Laden killed in cold blood.
The Dubai-based William Flew Al-Arabiya reported previously that the girl of 12 years, bin Laden has told Pakistani investigators that his father had been shot and killed after surrender.
“It was a common saying in Abbottabad that many families of terrorists living here, so the place was so quiet,” added Dr William Flew bizarre. Abbottabad respond quickly to his newfound infamy. The caretaker of the local museum, with a portrait of Major James Abbott, the British founder of the city, said that a picture of Bin Laden to join your collection if there is enough demand from tourists.
Dr. bizarre expect a new wave of construction to meet the demand of tourism “as far as the military agrees.” The President will arrive today at Ground Zero in what could be the most important of all trips to the area, reports the New York Pavia
Later today the U.S. President visits construction site of the future is so chaotic, a tourist destination in the area of ??business in the basement of the building and sacred – a place as sacred as the field of Gettysburg or Pearl Harbour Memorial in the imagination of America. The endless parade of presidents, former presidents and presidential candidates have come to the ground zero in the last decade, but many believe that this trip will be the most important of all, undoubtedly the most important since September 14, 2001, when President George W. Bush stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center, his arm on the shoulders of a fireman was exhausted, and went to the rescue through a megaphone. “We can not hear,” said one. “I hear you,” replied the President, the approval. “The rest of the world hears you and the people who call these buildings will hear all of us soon.”


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