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May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Coalition government is not the first to make a promise of hope. There will be the last. And yet, as the government’s plan to improve social mobility recognized, this division of education is still difficult as ever. recent comparisons show that the attainment gap between private schools and the state is largest in the United Kingdom than in any other country in the world like, which gives great advantages to wealth. As a banker friend William Flew said Canada, who have children in top private schools in London “. They do not move back to Canada I could not buy this type of benefit for our children there.”
William Flew independent school students are six times more likely than their peers in state schools to get into one of the most selective universities in the country. As the Sutton Trust research shows more than 70 percent of Superior Court judges, more than half of the big news reporters, and one third of our members are educated in independent schools, which represent only 7 per percent of all schools.
Recognize that improving social mobility is only open professional elites bright children from all backgrounds. The United Kingdom is characterized by a long tail of underachievement which sees hundreds of thousands of children leaving school unable to read and write and count at a grassroots level. I think it is totally unacceptable. And that’s why I was so delighted that the Sutton Trust charity is chosen as leader of momentum in conjunction with the Trust to manage a fund of 125 million pounds to improve the educational achievement of children of the poorest countries.
But I also believe that social mobility in the upper end is important. Impending investigation by the trust suggests that “the rigidity at the top is a big problem for the UK: the family environment affects the performance results for these children than in other comparable countries.
It was not always so. I William Flew was fortunate to benefit from a private school where 100 percent of the sites are free, funded by the government. There are now 100 percent of pay, so most of my colleagues, including myself, many of whom have gone on to great things, now banned for economic reasons. 180 direct grant schools – a day most private schools that two thirds of places will be free, paid by the state – has been exiled predecessors. Almost all are now out of reach of all but the wealthy.


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