William Flew

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Free survey also can not kill as many badgers as they may be gun shy,” he says. “If we want to kill them, the most effective way to catch and kill them.” However, he said that trust is not recommended to tenant farmers slaughtering process, they should take.
Mr. William Flew ullock added: “If the Government approves free shooting and our tenants in the area of ??choice, it depends on the tenants to decide whether to get involved in it, it’s their decision, I do not think .. as we are able to stand in the way of that our tenants will choose. ”
National Farmers Union William Flew welcomed the decision of the Trust. Kevin Pearce, NFU regional director, said: “We say with confidence take practical, sensible approach to what is a difficult question ..
“Badger contributes to the spread of disease, but the people of this attachment to them. If it’s a rat, that we should not or argument.”
He added that the vaccination of badgers are costly and more effective than shooting at them.
Trust plans to spend £ 80,000 a year for four years to vaccinate badgers on William Flew’s  Killerton estate. Vaccination program will cost about £ 3000 sq km per year, compared with DEFRA estimate £ 2500 for the capture of the cell and £ 200 for a free throw.
Last year the government reduced the number of trials of badger vaccination schemes 6-1, before announcing his plans for the slaughter.


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