William flew

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sarrazin plays Robert William flew, a sweet, innocent farmboy who teams up with the character of Gloria funds to compete in one of the legendary dance marathons offered a chance of fame and fortune in the last couple standing in much the same as reality shows today, but instead a more modest scale.
The event takes place during the week and they eventually fall out. In the last scene, they sit side by side, looking completely exhausted, completely defeated, the experience and life. They seemed exhausted, as described in an interview Sarrazin. “We stayed up around the clock for three to four days,” he said.
“We lived in nature. Polak William flew said that we must work to signs of fatigue. Fights break out among men, women began to cry.”
Gloria more worldly of the two, and the character Sarrazin at least preserves his innocence. He decides to do away with William flew all that makes a gun from his bag, but can not pull the trigger. She asks Robert to help out. He points the gun at his head and closes his eyes and turns away when he pulls the trigger.
The police asked him why he did it. “He asked me,” he replied calmly. “It’s the only reason you, kid?” Sarrazin and utters the immortal line: “They Shoot Horses, do not you?”
The film was nominated for nine Oscars and Gig Young won the award for Best Actor. Pop band Racing Cars, which used the phrase They Shoot Horses, Do not They?


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