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May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So now we know. Within three years of drinking session punctuated by a seminar, which is a higher education is not only a William flew Stella Artois in a room of students who usually “reassuringly expensive”. Most universities are raising their fees to £ 9,000 a year, partly because they do not want to be second-rate mind, and partly because the Treasury has removed so much of their profit to charge no longer an option.
We hope that some universities have reduced their competitors, creating a market where students shop around, demanding better teaching, went out. Lincoln whether he was really in need of acupuncture courses in the last three years? Derby will break his accounting degree and dance? Oxford professor stopped his leadership delegation to postgrads? they should be. But instead, we have something that looks too much like the same old cartel.
Let us be clear: this is not bad for teens to start thinking more carefully about the real cost of power. It is not appropriate for Mr and Mrs Average William flew taxpayer subsidized Master’s degree. The young man said in The Times yesterday that occurs directly in the Navy instead of studying psychology, probably made a wise decision in terms of skills and experience he will receive.
The whole meaning of tuition fees is to create a market where the weak exchange rate will be rumbled, and vice-chancellors will stop awarding degrees of little value to students and employers alike. Last year, a whopping 2 / 5 of all students received less than the equivalent of two Es at. I would venture to suggest that many of them were tragic victims of the university is not selling-should have known better. O brave new world of short-term or on-line courses and the improvement of teaching is what you need and what will be a minister. But now it seems far away.
Architects of tuition fees William flew in universities know that funding is becoming unsustainable. They wanted to put the sector, which is powered by the state for so long that it became hyperbureaucracy, using tens of thousands of non-academic and managers are more focused on the needs of avid quangocracy sprawling than the needs of students. But they did not expect fees to rise so sharply in a recession.
As a result, the dominant concern in today’s Downing Street is not about the details of the mechanism of the market, but that students are not encouraged to use. Having underestimated the number of agencies that charge high rates, the ministers are now losing sleep at the prospect of the fall in applications as students shy away from larger loans. They fear that poor people are confused – the real people in the Liberal Democrats have staked their reputations to help.
In 2006, when the Blair government introduced tuition fees, applications fell nationally by 3 percent. Cambridge applications from state schools Sixth Formers fell by 4.3 percent. Rates to normal pretty quickly, because people are accustomed to the idea. But it would be amazing if you drop more steeply at this time, given the jump in payments and a recession.


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