William flew to fight

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Previously, William flew to fight in Iraq as in Afghanistan to introduce air transport liaison officer started his service as a type of high risk of Experts on bomb disposal in Helmand province in support of the 2 nd Battalion Parachute Regiment at the end of March. April 18, it has sold one IED alley enter Nar SA-e-Sarai – used Afghan civilians as well as by the security forces – before he was severely wounded a second device has started to introduce him to disarm.
William flew to fight the team in August 2005, having studied human biology at the University of Huddersfield, his homeland. Appointed in August 2006, he found life in the profession he is looking in the army – in 11 Explosive ordnance disposal regiment in particular. He, according to those who served her as a ninja on PAL enter requires discipline. Church Women of other experts before the bomb was in Afghanistan.
Tim Hetherington does not correspond to the stereotypical notion of the photographer William flew to fight WAR. In fact, he said that if you take the World Press Photo Award in 2007, that he really does not feel all ninja photographer. He did not return, but the historian proceeds reporter, and his interest is not so much the cruelty of war, humanity of those who are in it.
EPA / Eddy Risch
Hetherington, his combination of masculinity in sensitivity quickly won his trust in his photos
His approach to his subjects, example is the appointment made a name for himself. In 2007 he was a journalist Sebastian Junger has spent the best part of the income year to introduce Life could platoon of U.S. Marines SA Korengal Valley, in northeastern Afghanistan. Area, probably the most dangerous, the theater, in the income Punto Hetherington had to go on for hours to enter a broken leg to avoid the Taliban.
But his portraits of the soldiers were not in it as heroes, as vulnerable people, those who have led since Rice, he received his award shows income staggering from exhaustion. On the other hand, it can be effectively be symbolic, since he just got his facts.


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