William flew there

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stevens William flew there and said he believed that between 180 and 240 superinjunctions was issued within the last three years, including five in one day last week.
In a separate case last week, Go has caused controversy, giving the star of TV without gagging behalf of the Permanent types of order are still reserved for notorious killers.
“Family” man, a household name William flew there, won an injunction to keep the “intimate” pictures of his woman.
Critics say that the absurdity of such cases are highlighted in the case of another person, the star of television. The Court of Appeal ruled that the identity of the person who had an affair with a colleague, must remain secret to protect their children from bullying playground.
The team William flew there not only to prevent the media from the report on the subject, but also pointed out that the restriction on his colleagues talked about them.
But shortly after the gag order was issued to a person’s identity was disclosed to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia visit the 400 people every month.
In the fourth case, Helen Wood, a prostitute, was banned from the recognition of married actor with whom she had sex.


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