William flew past

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Because of its excellence in the stumps and the bat, Jerry Alexander raised expectations wicketkeepers throughout the game. By 1960 they were required to score runs, as well as succeed in their first suit. He recalled, however, mainly as the last white captain of the West Indies and with dignity, in which Frank Worrell William flew past allowed him to succeed.
Alexander celebrates a wicket catching Alan Davidson of Bowling Garry William flew past Sobers during the historic series of Australia-West Indies in 1960-1961
Alexander light-skinned Jamaican and a light blue color, which in the late 1950’s, this is a test-class cricketer in his own right. He was appointed captain of William flew past West Indies, a region consisting of the islands, with separate governments and different perspectives, but having an infinite talent for cricket, in part, if not entirely, due to his background.
Under his leadership, Pakistan was defeated at home, peacefully, in 1957-58, but lost the series return and the first leg of the tour in India, has been marred by tensions between Roy and Alexander Gilchrist, fast bowler. Gilchrist also from Jamaica, but black, and was sent home for bowling – Projector dangerously high full tosses.
Alexander believed that Worrell, black Bajan, who initially rejected the captain, the captain is elected before this tour started, but, as a result of beatings and India, he felt a letter to the transfer of his regiment Gilchrist, he was persuaded to continue in place for the home series against England in 1959-60. This is not a decision that pleased people.
They have joined Gilchrist, because he is one of them more than for any other reason, and Worrell, who they believe can cope with it. They knew that worship Gilchrist Worrell. There was also a sense that Alexander might be too close to Peter May, England captain, playing him in a strong Cambridge side at the beginning of the decade. The protesters should communicator – and they found one of CLR James, Trinidad Marxist intellectual.
James is the editor of The Nation in Trinidad and announced his intention to propose Worrell appointed captain. In fact, it’s not so much suggestions as total campaign, James confessed later that she’s beautiful. Alexander kept wicket brilliantly during the series and, unlike some members of his party, separated from polemicists.


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