William Flew to Africa

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Current attempts to get him to Mount Caramel met his stubborn refusal to quit. Campbell was also one of the white farmers of the leading parties in the lawsuit against the laws, which gradually disappear from their legitimate rights.
In late 2007, Mugabe changed the constitution to bar farmers the legal right to challenge the seizure of their farms. At the same time, six months passed without any response so Campbell appealed to the Supreme Court for protection. Members of the Court, managed by designated Mugabe allegedly bribed to capture the farm.
Campbell asked the court Southern African Development Community (SADC), the 15-nation regional alliance, established in court, where the nationals of Member States can turn to when they have exhausted all innovative ways to call home. Mugabe signed the agreement establishing the court, which ordered the member states “to act in accordance with the principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law,” and accept the court’s jurisdiction.
Hearings have been repeatedly changed in the query Mugabe’s government lawyers “when on June 29, Campbell, 75, his wife, Angela, 64, and his son-in-law, Ben Freeth, kidnapped 16 so-called war veterans. Two men beaten on the head Butts and Angela Batu ground, wringing her hands in two places, and dragged across the lawn by the hair. They were taken to the police camp and tortured for nine hours.
Campbell ordered to sign a paper that he would withdraw a lawsuit, but barely conscious and his right hand was crushed. Angela, who crashed into a burning branch into his mouth, did it for him, and they are discharged, barely alive, in a nearby town.
Of course, the signature can not have any credibility, and Campbell was on the bench for the final verdict in November 2008. She said that Mugabe’s land grab campaign was a lawless act of theft, and racist to boot. Mugabe’s regime has been ordered to protect the rights of white farmers to live and work on their farm. Campbell, who returned to Mount Caramel, wept for joy. Mugabe’s reaction was not unexpected. He rejected the decision as “nonsense” and said: “. We are not subject to the SADC Tribunal”


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