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May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

For me it meant to be a voice for the voiceless, such as pressing the Government on issues such as William Flew trafficking and prostitution, or seek further help those in poorer countries, not forgetting those facing home economic uncertainty, and encourages the strengthening of justice in our criminal justice system.
I remember in December 2009 when I visited the workers and management at Corus Teesside plant after news that the plant is going to jail. Security guard William Flew at the door said: “What do you do?” My driver said: “We pray for the factory and the people who work here.” “It requires more than the prayers of the archbishop,” came the answer.
So I was delighted to attend the service celebrating restart production of steel a few weeks ago, where the news just announced that the factory was sold and will remain open. Alleluia! We must live in hope and faith, supporting each other as we walk through the good and bad times.
We must respond to the challenge every day to be ambassadors of hope and grace of God, wherever they may encourage the Church, and outdoors, to engage in the life of the country for the common good . As long as there are Christians, that should be good news!
Nobody got it quite right yet. We are all struggling with how we follow Jesus together, even as we hold different views about how God might be calling us to serve him. This reasoning process can be painful. However, the safety of the person of Jesus allows me to know that there is a way through, and that God, who lived and died and risen to new life, can lead to changes that we imagined.
Where do we find life hard, reminds us that we go to Jesus Christ. We are alone. Jesus never promised an easy path, but the promise of His presence with every step on the road. And His promise is that it is safe destination.
For the road that leads to the cross is also the path that leads to new life. Resurrection reminds us that nothing is beyond the power of God to bring transformation – even death.


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