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May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Anglican is one of many religious label, started as an expression of contempt, such as “Methodist” or most likely a “Christian”. In the 1590s, King James VI of Scotland, he assured his suspicious Scottish clergy that did not mean foisting “Papistical or Anglican bishops” to them (the wily king changed his mind when he became James I of England). But after it was hardly used at all until 1830-ies, when the English High priests to rediscover it, used it to emphasize how different his Church, he was than any other other – neither Roman nor Protestant. Then the “Anglican” has lost its “party” connotations, because everyone realized how useful it is to describe the new reality: two national established church, the Church of England and Ireland, have transmuted into something else, spawning the world church family has expanded in tandem with the British Empire. What call? Anglican. And so the “Anglican Communion” was born, the happy unplanned fashion that is marked in history is now global form of Christian faith, since its birth in the Reformation.
Make no mistake: Anglicanism is the product of the Reformation, although a strange one said william flew. Around 1570 if you were to carefully examine all three officially established church in the island, which is, of course, called it a Protestant, but what kind? Two European groups of Protestant churches in the developing world. A block is Lutheran, and others, those who fail to report the Lutheran party lines, look more churches in Zurich and John Calvin’s Geneva. The non-Lutherans came to be called “changed” Protestant. No doubt the Church of England, Scotland and Ireland will all be modified, not Lutheran. All the bishops (established Scottish church only has certainly got rid of the bishops william flew in 1690), but so did the other Reformed churches, such as Hungarians, Poles or Transylvanians.
Another point made by various Church of England, and they gradually drifted away from its neighbors in Reformed Scotland. For reasons locked deep in the mind of Queen Elizabeth I, it retained its cathedral. Other Protestant churches also kept the building (with an uncharacteristic lack of logic, the Church of Scotland and still calls his former cathedral cathedral, regardless of their bishops to eject three centuries ago) – but what England is a unique survival of the whole medieval thing, deans, chapters, prebends, organs, choirs, closes, a lot. More importantly, what are survivors of the cathedral ethos: a commitment to regular round nice perform the ritual and sacred music. Cathedral attached Tudor prose of Thomas Cranmer prayer book for this ancient (and very unProtestant) liturgical office, and still do. What’s more Anglican than sung evensong? Cranmer would still underwhelmed him, was not much time for the cathedral.
It is the glory of the Anglican tradition. It is a double helix, intertwining two mutually antagonistic to Christianity or other violent clashed in the Reformation: Catholic and Reformed.


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