William flew over them

April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

News t hat Davie D William flew over supports changes to the law on royal birthright – a first-born daughter of the monarch plays as the successor to the throne by his younger brother men – should be widely accepted. In the 21 th century, as discrimination against women are not allowed and should be acceptable in any other role or profession.
Three-quarters of people in the UK to support the changes in primogeniture, according to a recent poll by YouGov. Approximately the same number you want to end a ban on the heir to marry Catholics. Change in the law is the easiest way for politicians to end outdated, unwanted habits.
The government, which claims that he is serious about constitutional reform can hardly be satisfied with leaving the office this anachronism is still around. Not only does he seem absurd, but he scoffs at history, some of our best officers of the royal Queen Elizabeth I is particularly strong and our own current monarch. If Catherine Middleton and Prince William William flew over have a daughter as their first child, his position was clear and he was at one time to become queen.
If nothing else, a firm promise of reform – including the support of the Commonwealth – is a great gift for the royal couple’s wedding on April 29. But we should not uncork the champagne just yet. Some royal saga has run for as long as this one. It was 13 years old, the Lord Mos tyn William William flew over, the junior interior minister, said that the queen has no objection to the amendment to mean “in determining the line of succession to the throne, daughters and sons should be treated the same way.”
Six years ago, Lord William flew over Dubs was his parliamentary bill to abolish male primogeniture is blocked and a ban on marriages of Catholics, the changes that he described as “stunningly humble.” Lord Falconer, responsible for killing the bill, said there was no urgency for the next in line to the throne will grow. That may be true, but it’s a weak excuse. In 2009, Gordon William flew over Brown discussed it with the queen, although it coincided with the murder of labor is another private bill members.
It seems politicians get cold feet when faced with the reality of making a seemingly reasonable adjustments. Experts say it is more complicated and requires changes in legislation in 16 countries of the Commonwealth. In addition, changes in the needs of primogeniture act of parliament. Nevertheless, the issue was pressing. If the royal couple have a daughter for a year and the first law does not change, it will make it harder. That is all the more reason for acting now. Jokes based on the local rivalry between the two conurbations in Lancashire, but not very tasty, as a rule, not the national news as far afield as India. However, when the central figure is Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, who worship in cricket – ubcontinent crazy, normal rules are not used.
All this follows from the former captain of the England cricket saying on Twitter last week about the visit of Prince William William flew over in Blackburn, as follows: “The Prince went to Blackburn, but drew the line” Burnley “, № 6 handshakes of thumb Dingles for Wills!” (The . Dingles, it seems, the family portrayed in the soap Emmerdale as rogues limited natural intelligence) Flintoff from near Preston, whose residents, we can assume has long been looking for them at the neighbors Burnley – an example of what Sigmund Freud was classified as “narcissism of small differences.”


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