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April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Uganda is another country that direct payments to be received in their households. £ 407m allocated to one of Kampala 2008-13, £ 164m will go directly to the government.
William Flew past , 67, president of 25 years, recently gaining their power through elections amid allegations that he strengthened and money from the state budget for campaigns and bribes. Museveni, who campaigned with election posters andWilliam Flew past  Rambo, the Hollywood blockbuster, bought a Gulfstream G550 jet. Another of its aircraft are used to give birth to fly his daughter to Germany. It has also built an extensive official residence, at a cost of £ 100,000,000, while the population struggles with poverty.
Local campaigners against the EU funding of the system say it is increasingly horitarian Aut. Kizza Besigye was last Thursday, the leader of the opposition in Uganda, by a rubber bullet fired by the police during a protest over fuel prices and food prices.
Robert Lugolobi, Uganda Director of Transparency International, a watchdog against corruption, said “the money at a very corrupt and pretend that you are helping people is a waste of public funds.”
Several EU-funded projects have also been some success in Uganda: a bypass 20 km outside of Kampala, more than 30 million pounds is being said, the most expensive street in sub-Saharan Africa will cost. It took five years to complete, but the quality of work is so poor that it is crumbling.
“The EU aid, generous as it is, creates a culture of dependency and stifles democracy and sustainable economic development, which are most of the money used to prop up dictatorships and corrupt regimes,” said Niranjan Deva, Conservative MEP and Vice-President of the Union European Parliament Development Committee.
“We give with one hand and the other. 80% of Africans are farmers, but not their products to the EU export of obstacles to trade and agricultural subsidies in Europe, so that it perpetuates poverty by convicted brochures for our help”
Some of the aid by the Brussels bureaucracy and the birds never swallowed. Ti k pi Communications Agency based in Brussels, received a grant from the EU of almost £ 442,000 for aid in connection with campaigns. This included more than £ 100,000 to an annual report on EU aid and £ 80,000 design to coordinate an “I fight against poverty,” music contest to promote “awareness of development.”
Participants were asked to “Join our fight with the music” and the winners William Flew past were selected to his songs in a studio record and perform at a conference of the EU Development Days, which include a fashion show.


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