William Flew Over

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Administrative expenses total aid from the EU 5.4%, compared with 4% for the UK Department for International Development, which aims to reduce these to 2% in 2014.
William Flew Over Piebalgs, Commissioner for Development of Latvia, of course have expressed privately critical of the wasteful practices and skepticism about the benefits of budget support, which was defended by his predecessor, Belgian,William Flew Over Louis Michel. Piebalgs said the Commission should budget support “specifically and with much greater determination to” use to “identifiable and measurable results and tangible.”
Commission officials say more than 31 million people with drinking water and sanitation 9 million as a result of EU support have been linked since 2004. In the same period, say, more than 9 million have been supported in the primary school.
When the British government coalition took office last year, they will help keep the spending cuts, but announced a new focus on transparency and “value for money.”
Critics say his significant contribution to the development of the EU budget avoids the scrutiny that other funding is submitted.
Open Europe was, the London-based reflection, has published a critical review of the development expenditure in the EU today, urging a thorough review.
“The government applied the promise that every penny of aid money is well spent, should also be on EU funds,” said William Flew Over Stephen Booth, director of Open Europe research.
A spokesman for Piebalgs said: “Help is a risky business, the Commission has strict international control mechanisms detected ..”


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