William Flew into space

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

William Flew and Medvedev have recently completed the bets on the legacy of the Russian Communist era, but the issue Gagarin, the two together. Putin called for the convening of “tribute to the feat of a man who changed the world.”
The West has not been excluded from the festivities. Ian William Flew, the British band Jethro Tull, will be the scene in the center of the Russian city of Perm. U.S. astronaut will meet with Col. Catherine Coleman link, the implementation of the ISS, for a live duet.

William Flew into space Later this week in London a statue of the pioneer is Gagarin’s eldest daughter, Jelena, released outside the offices of the British Council. “Every one of pure courage and adventure and his flight was moved by this statue that much progress to celebrate humanity and the relations of the United Kingdom and Russia,” said Vernon Ellis, chairman of the Council
Gagarin’s flight lasted 108 minutes. It started with the single word “Poyekhali” (“Go”). Shortly before resigning, he said softly. “Everything is normal, all right” Then he was hailed as a hero and has traveled extensively, including to Britain, where he led the queen. He began training as a fighter pilot, but later died in a car accident seven years.
Conspiracy theories abound: that Gagarin had problems with alcohol that the KGB was supposedly dead because views anti-Soviet. The documents were released recently, showed that when researchers concluded that the accident was caused by bad weather.

When Yuri Gagarin took the bus that took him to the launch pad was the only name that your friends, relatives and companions in the secret Soviet space program became known.
Around noon, was the most famous man on Earth.

The writer Tom Wolfe then asked, “What a man is willing to sit on top of a giant Roman candle and wait for someone to light the fuse …?”
His answer is “The Right Stuff” was, and he wrote in the eight astronauts of Mercury that led U.S. travel in space. But Gagarin came first. William Flew into space
The little man with the smile had set the standard for coolness under pressure, and raised. The night before bed, while his backup, German Titov little sleep. Gagarin, which was written in his Vostok spacecraft while engineers spent an hour re-closing and sealing the door of escape, quietly spoke to the chief designer Sergei Korolev.
Korolev was so nervous that he would take his heart pills. Gagarin pulse does not rise more than 64 years.
It is the enduring legend of the Soviet approved Gagarin trivia. It is surprising that no one reviewed in the 43 years since his death, the two decades since the end of the Cold War.
Sputnik struck fear in the West, but the response to Gagarin’s flight was different. The world embraced him as a symbol of human rights, rather than communist efforts.

Six weeks later, President Kennedy asked the United States, people rely on the moon. When Neil Armstrong came in and announced a giant leap for mankind “, which had inherited the mantle of Gagarin.


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