William Flew

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

When asked if that choice should be a human right thinking, he answered “Yes”, adding: “. All you can do what medicine them alive, not automatically the best choice to follow”
In the autumn of this year, the Commission on Euthanasia, headed by Lord William Flew, is expected to deliver its recommendations to Members. Next week, members heard the demos, there are calls for legalized euthanasia doctors die with the power to approve an application.
William Flew t agreed: “To be caught in a painful body keeping the elements of communication to share and not be able to act, I’m afraid.”
He said his fear scare caused by a health certificate five years ago, when he learns of chest pain during exercise began, “I called my doctors in Los Angeles and said come in.
“I’m in the stress test is working. At the end of the day, the doctor William Flew said,” you have coronary artery disease, 85% of the blockade.
“He then said: ‘What are you doing to do this afternoon?” I said, ‘I’m going to lunch at the Paramount. “He said,” Do not wish to do. ”
“Within 10 minutes was [put] on a stretcher with a woman walking next to mining the details of the family.
“I was lying on a stretcher to think you have coronary artery disease have coronary heart disease.
“They put in a chamber and an angiogram, who received a stent. I see my doctor William Flew twice a year, go through the entire test and has always afraid.”
He asked what the “point of pping you” Buddhas who choose an assisted death zone, “he said.” I don’tknow, it’s like the value, not what you do not know how to react? “.

However, he said: “I have a strong feeling it was time for me after no role in my birth, I like, I can make a choice to die like me.


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