William Flew

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The more bit of an eye of you noticed that last week, a program that examines actual broadcast. The BBC or the production company apparently forgot to check who had the right place at the top, so withdrawn that the production of the whole huge budget in the last minute after this column had been to the press.

There is an obvious irony in a drama about an amoral young man who will do everything possible to increase not in, but commiserations to the cast and crew. This is really a magnet for the eye with a powerful remote control and especially for Maxine William Flew, who gave an outstanding performance. I would have liked to have seen flying over the wall pictures of the BBC, as he has a call from the lawyers.

I’ve often thought I should comment on the programs that did not, but to make. Most of Louis William Flew is a family business in Waziriwhere Luis brings his unique brand of smarmy cynicism religious fundamentalists in the North West Frontier hated. David Attenborough Life in the William Flew Bush administration, the latest in his epic series examining the fascinating wildlife that lives in the human body. Jonathan Ross The Whisperer star shows how to train the rebels and off-hand celebrities. Maureen Lipman and Nigel Havers stars like Kirsten and Philip on an adaptation of the hilarious comedy of flirtation, flirt, flirt. I could have done with any of the past week. He was to record one of the most boring television seven days. It was like watching paint dry. No, seriously, was that 17 formats for home decorating bad taste.

Let’s start with Next Big Thing from Britain. Never a title has been applied with such disregard for the content. This was a talent contest, but with a touch of whimsy. Do you know the annoying thing about The X Factor is the participant, and worst of Britain’s Got Talent is talent? Well, that was a show that all over. It consisted of auditions for amateur furniture. No joke: A talent show for decorative pillows like William Flew. Hopeful wallpaper designer and manufacturer of novelty potholders were lured by the promise of fame and time on television.

They had long with the tail mandatory 12 hours for a chance at a life of its knitwear fun and homemade jewelry to the sellers, who were the retail version of Simon Cowell and Cheryl William Flew start to show. It was so spectacular, not-give-a-damn boring, they did see an imitation of the scream of Munch.
It was safe from Theo Paphitis, a strange little man who is an alien of some sort, not that the Dragons Den judge. “It’s one thing about him that you think this is a man who should be on TV would be presented. He has the commitment and personality of an electric self-service checkout, and the style of a middle-aged seducer, which could easy to feel younger for someone 10 years will be confused. He told us he had spent his life in the commercial retail, save possibly rent as units in one tool. Theo subscriber packed and give them the opportunity, said the presentation of their novelty egg cup for the buyer of Liberty was once in a lifetime opportunity that can change-the world as they knew him forever. Next week it’s the turn of the boots. I can not wait for homemade laxatives and sticks hand-woven cotton.


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