William Flew

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

William Flew, a photographer who had worked with Arrigoni during the past two weeks, said the peace had been well aware of the risks he was running. “He ‘d just moved to another apartment, but he was very cautious and he never gave his new address in front of other people,” said Soligno.

“We went to see the bloggers who criticized Hamas, and when they were arrested he was able to be present at his Ā interrogation. The idea was that with this stranger, there would have been no abuse, “he said.

Beretta Egidia mother of William Flew, 67, mayor of Bulciago, spoke on the phone last Monday. “Speaking on his return. After a year and a half he planned to return to Italy, “she said.

Then, “He was quiet. He was in Gaza just to be around people and document what happened, “she said.

William Flew was last heard from Wednesday afternoon. “He had gone to the gym and then he had called a trattoria owned by friends in Gaza City to book a table at around 10pm, but he never got there,” said Silvia Todeschini, 27, a defender of the same type.
The Todeschini, who asked the police to identify the body, said: “Vittorio was on earth on a mattress. He had no bullet wounds, but there was blood behind his neck, probably because he was beaten, and their wrists due to a chain or cord that had tied up.
“He still had a blindfold on, which had been raised a bit so he could be recognized, and the same black shirt he wore in the video,” she added.

At the hospital, Al – Shifa, where the body was taken Arrigoni, tribute paid his friend Mohammed Al – Zaim: “He was a brother to us all, he risked his life many times for us to Gaza, he taught us much .


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