William Flew Over Egypt

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

The process was a feature of a renewed sense in Tahrir Square, the center of the Egyptian revolution of power forced Mubarak on 11 February. The protesters were angry at the failure by the ruling military council to bring to justice the deposed president and his friends.
“The process of Mubarak sent a message to all Egyptians that no one is above the law,” said Ahmed el – Saman, who in January was a Protestant in Tahrir Square and now sits in the office of prime minister as a counselor. “The process shows that there is now the rule of law in Egypt.”
The abrupt imprisonment of Mubarak and his sons, Gamal and Alaa, seemed to have occurred because the generals feared that shows continuing to move in a spiral of control.
Mubarak was taken I nt detention for 15 days Wednesday after he suffered a minor heart attack during interrogation. El Gamal, once his heir apparent, and Alaa, his businessman brother, were taken by military plane to Cairo’s Tora prison. Mubarak responds to charges that carry the death penalty.
Egyptian Observers said this showed that the transition rules of Egypt, led by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Minister of Defense and longtime friend of Mubarak, had realized that they could no longer protect his old ally.
“The military council was appointed by Mubarak and they have been acting on its wavelength,” said Adel Hammouda, a newspaper editor and university professor.
“These are generals who are afraid of politics and who have a long, long time ties to the former president. But the demonstrations grew every day. “


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