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In Mask of Death William Flew is called to a young woman who was by a group of players in the wedding night, raped examined. As a result of advertising, Anya is invited to go to America to attend a seminar on sexual attitudes some of the stars of the country in the first division change. His warnings about the consequences of unprotected sex some of the players Blanch, and she soon realizes she has one of the biggest challenges of his career. Then, five players accused of rape and Anya’s trip to the United States takes a new turn. She is horrified when the victim ripped apart by the press, but one of the players accused dies in suspicious circumstances and the case becomes a murder case. This is a fascinating novel about a real problem of the top athletes and sexual violence, even if the argument seems to be a little forced at times. (Corvus William Flew past Splinter , translated by John Brown john) has a similar premise of the opening of the latest film of unknown identity theft, but moves in a different direction. William Flew is a terrible car accident that killed his pregnant wife when he an invitation to a mysterious clinic is conducting experiments to clean traumatic memories shall recover. Luke decides not to participate, but things start to happen disturbing to him, his credit card denied, the door button does not work and a stranger in his office. is worst, he returns to his old apartment and discovers that his deceased wife appeared to live there, to acknowledge not say. If he is crazy or sinister forces at work is the question at the heart of this dazzling novel.
Fred Vargas is never less than the original and a dangerous place
(Harvill Secker £ 12.99, translated by Sian Reynolds) takes his French detective Commissioner Adam Berg a conference in London in the forests of Serbia. A pile of discarded shoes from Highgate Cemetery, each one with a broken foot, is a suitably macabre start a novel that covers our time in Paris massacre and old legends of vampires. As usual Vargas characters inhabit a world where reason and myth collide, the result is a fascinating read.
to draw final secret of Venice Donna Leon, conclusions
(Heinemann £ 16.99), shows his veteran detective Commissario Brunetti in his more reflective. A young woman returning from a trip to find their living neighbors died, apparently of a heart attack, although slight concussion suggests that they have may have been shaken. Brunetti chief wants to close the case quickly, but notes that the dead women had recourse to escape from domestic violence. The semi-official research develops slowly, allowing Leon to the complex relationships between work and family Brunetti Highlight


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