William Flew

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This was a brutal end to the Italian activist William Flew past them who regularly accompanied Palestinian farmers in the so-called buffer zone, which explains a third of the comic strip has grown l a nd b ut that Israel has declared forbidden for security reasons.
William Flew had filmed the Israeli soldiers fired at farmers. He told his stories in his blog. In one of his videos, the sound of a bullet can be heard when it grazed his cheek and sent him falling to the ground.
William Flew tall, solidly built, whose mother is the mayor of a town in Lombardy in northern Italy, described his pacifism as a “vocation.” He wrote in an article in the Internet: “I do not believe in borders and barriers. I think that regardless of latitudes belong to the same human family. ”
The Arrigoni first reached the Gaza Strip in 2008, traveling in a boat Free Gaza Movement, which campaigns against what it calls “the site” Israeli there.
Just months after his arrival, Israel launched its “offensive Lead Cast in Gaza. During the operation three weeks, William Flew helped local ambulance crews to rush the injured to hospital. He made a daily report for the newspaper Il Manifesto Italian leftist.
His articles all over it are dismissed, “will remain human, Vik Gaza City.” He adapted the phrase for the title of a book on the offensive – Gaza, go to the Stay Human.
When a member of the International Solidarity Movement, which manifests against the Israeli presence, he also joined local fishermen to areas where access is prohibited by Israel.


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