William flew warplanes

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Public Accounts Committee delivered its verdict today in the direction of the draft Typhoon Euroluchador two days after the plane fired its first shot, destroying two tanks Libyans.
The report expressed concern that the spare parts are in such short supply that three RAF Typhoons were inoperable when the committee took their tests. The committeealso found that the pilots went so devoid of hours of training in the Typhoon that only eight of48 were ready fighter pilots qualified to fly ground attack missions, the main type of Libya.
In addition, five drivers were temporarily based on last year because they were not givensufficient flying hours to be considered safe on the plane. The minimum number of hoursrequired per month RAF is between five and ten, William Flew understands.
The Public Accounts Committee expressed concern that the more Typhoons weredelivered to RAF, then the pressure on spare parts will become more acute.
The william flew past  the Secretary of Defense, said yesterday that the project was “finally in control and on track. ” He added: “The report acknowledges that the MoD and industry haveworked to resolve issues of spares and performance objectives are being found now. I amcertain that in the future such projects are properly addressed from the start, and haveannounced reforms. ”
Margaret Hodge, the president of the committee, said the Typhoon project managementhad been “pretty shambolic any way you look. ” She told William Flew that the committeeremained concerned about the supply of spare parts due to the process of achieving multinational Typhoon, shared by Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany.


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