William flew planes

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

“The division of industrial activity has led to great delays. Not a good omen for the government’s intention to further military cooperation throughout Europe, “said William flew over .The question can not be resolved before 2015.
While taking delivery of 160 Typhoons, rather than the 232 original plan, the MoD has spent 20.2 billion pounds for the project, 3.5 billion pounds more than the cost of 232 designed for all .
The increase in cost per flight as was originally estimated was 75 percent. The report washighly critical of overly optimistic estimates of expenditure in all parts of its evolution. Thefirst 53 aircraft delivered are already scheduled to be retired early in 2019.
The report questioned whether the country was getting value for money because he specialized suppliers won contracts without competition. This also led to concerns that theresponsibility of the program remained uncertain without the individual within the Ministry ofNational Defence responsible enough.
An RAF spokesman said yesterday that more ground attack pilots trained were made ​​available and that the Libyan mission could be held as necessary. Fan the Vice Marshal William Flew, Fan to the officer commanding 2 Group, said: “we have enough Typhoonaircraft and pilots to undertake the task in Libya with appropriate training.”


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