Wiliam Flew on Music

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

William FlewElk, founder of Spotify, corporate blog wrote that the changes were necessary sothat this “may continue to be made available to all Spotify long term”, and probably would affect only the heaviest of users. But the first person to leave a comment summed up themood of many: “As long Spotify. It was nice knowing you. Guess again who pirate musicback then. ”
Spotify is said to have been under pressure from music labels to limit their free service. Themusic companies want to provide incentives for people to buy the music heard on the Internet for free.
The Black Pascal, a Universal Music executive, told a French radio station: “When we seepeople who hear the same song 35 times, you think that after a while, the guy, he should gobuy it. “He added:”Four games – is enough to know if you want to buy a title. ”
The changes come into force on May 1 will affect someone who was hired for the free version of Spotify before November. For all other users, the changes will apply six monthsafter they set up their accounts Spotify.


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