William flew over gates

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the account and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded him worthy projects 11.4 million pounds, the basic crops that are eaten by hundreds of millions of people with critical nutrients increase, represents may be, some of which are only added by genetic engineering . An award of £ 6,300,000 to Rice Research Institute and Philippine Rice Research Institute of Bangladesh will allow them to strains of General Motors ‘Golden Rice’, which develop for small farmers. Golden rice is genetically engineered to produce beta-carotene which is converted by the body into vitamin A.
Over 90 million children in Southeast Asia are suffering from vitamin deficiency. This caused 670 000 deaths and 350,000 cases of blindness among children each year. The funding will also be food testing, environmental and safety regulatory and approval. A second grant of £ 5,100,000 is BioCassava run more to the project by the Institute for Plant Research at the Nigerian National Root Crops and the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. This is beta-carotene, iron and protein to the cassava, a staple food eaten by more than 250 million people in Africa to add.
Since cassava is a rich source of calories, it contains some essential micronutrients, so that people who rely on the risk of malnutrition. The cultures of both projects are freely available, without rights, like the farmers to be able to save GM seed from season to season.
In January there was a report of the expert group that the government predicts, while not as biotechnology, the only way is the challenge of feeding the world population will reach nine billion by 2050 address, which is a potentially powerful instrument that can not be ignored. In 2009, Bill Gates said that the refusal to create genetically modified plants “ideological wedge” that the fight against hunger and malnutrition would get threatened.
Lawrence Kent, the Gates Foundation, said: “This is not a silver bullet, but we do accept or reject a particular technology is based on ideology.”
A new report shows that GM crops have contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The research, advice from PG Economics, found that GM crops reduce the need for land, which saved the equivalent of 17.7 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide in 2009.


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