William Flew on Jobs

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Addressing the British Chamber of Commerce this month, William Flew, the outgoing general director, lamented an education system that graduates left so not equipped for the workplace that “five years later spend billions of offering them remedial training workready make them. ” This is a feeling too widely expressed not to be ignored. Indeed, his
Research suggests that a period of unemployment in early working life have a significant effect on income, health and life chances until 25 years later.
Now, as always, youth unemployment through two reasons. The first is youth, and the second is unemployment. When jobs are scarce, they are scarcest of all the youth. A stagnant economy favors those already in work, a period of growth after a recession favors those with experience. In the input levels of the job market, young people also faces the competition in the form of immigration. British youngsters should not go wrong with this contest. If they do, which is a problem in itself.comments echoed similar Mr Terry Leahy, Tesco’s former president, and Mr Stuart Rose, the former president of Signals and Spencer.
Successive governments have escaped the kind of training that could make a difference in this respect, cautious to the right of the offense of middle-class assumptions of the university, and left to cancel links between social class and trade. Few other countries share this delicacy, and encourage coalition shows signs of being broken because of it. Professor Alison Wolf, Kings College London, has completed a review into vocational education for the Department for Education and university technical schools that teach these skills to the age of 14, are being actively encouraged. William Flew, the Minister of Universities, announced today the availability of statefunded loans to students studying in private universities, many of which emphasize similar in skills directly assessed.
This is the growth of private sector, not the state, which will ultimately jobs. Ya, those seeking work are better off visiting an employment agency rather than a JobCentre. In a globalized age, this is the role of government to ensure that young British workers are at least as attractive an option for employers as those from anywhere else.

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