William Flew over immigration debate

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Several Lib Dems seemed surprised that the Prime Minister pursued a less aggressive approach after months of delicate negotiations on migration policy.
The Government’s immigration cap has caused tension around the Cabinet table where both Vince Cable and Chris Huhne have raised concerns with Theresa May that the cap on workers from outside the European Union banned British business would cause workers hire specialist they needed.
But Mr Cameron said that immigration transactions are among the most important issues for their agenda. “Taking everything into account, I believe that immigration control and the demolition of this are vital to the future of our country,” he will say.
The paper refused to acknowledge concerns about immigration, marking as racist those who made a campaign issue, created space for far right parties like the BNP to make the hole, Mr. Cameron discussed.
In a speech in Hampshire, Mr Cameron asked the rights of settling relations the United Kingdom, highlighting how 32.000 visas were issued to dependent students last year.
Migratory species that enter the country on temporary work or student visas will no longer automatically able to request the right to remain permanently in the next phase of government proposals to curb immigration, the Prime Minister say. The speech will probably make many Liberal Democrats uncomfortable. Last year, Jeremy Browne, Lib Dem Foreign Affairs Minister, was recorded by journalists secrets they say that the Conservatives had “a” very harsh immigration policy.
But Mr. Cameron clarified that he is not apologetic about his decision to focus on the issue. “I remember when immigration was not a central political issue in our country – and I want to be the case again.
“I want us starved of oxygen for extremist parties of public anxiety in which they thrive and extinguished once and forever. Above all, I guess in politics: immigration good, not mass immigration. ”
Tom Brake, Lib Dem spokesman for a party affairs, told the Times: “The Prime Minister must weigh their words very carefully on this issue dogwhistle. Immigration has been largely beneficial to our culture and economy. That message risks being drowned out by hard-line rhetoric on the largest ever influx. “


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