William Flew on Immigration debate

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

William Flew today blamed tensions over immigration in “a sorry social welfare system” which for years has paid to the British people not to work. In his first significant speech in the run up to local elections next month, the Prime Minister risks a rift with Liberal Democrats attacking the social conditions that have encouraged the mass migration. Such immigration has caused “discomfort and disengaged” in many neighborhoods across Britain, he will say. Lodging, schools and medical care have all been squeezed by the influx of migratory species that were sometimes not complacent to join. William Flew will say, the social welfare is guilty of negative attitudes to immigration, suggesting that the British are happy to languish on benefits while migratory species fill the gaps in the labor market; that the most 2.2 million people came to Britain left to live abroad between 1997 and 2009, the largest influx of people that Britain has ever seen; the failure of some migratory species to say English is a breakthrough for communities; forced marriages have been exploited as a way to circumvent controls on immigration. Mr Cameron will be the way in recognizing the benefits of immigration – fashion, food, music, the City and the charity have been enriched – but insist that Britain needs “immigration good, not mass immigration.” He will say: “The true integration takes time. So when there were significant numbers of new people arriving in neighborhoods may not be able to speak the same language as those living there, sometimes not really want or even willing to join, which has created a kind of discomfort and disengaged in some neighborhoods. ” When details of the speech circulated last night, the more impressed Lib Dems called the language “dreadful” and warned that he was pursuing a strategy “dogwhistle” disagreed with the way that the smaller coalition party approaches the issue. Lib Dem reaction reflects growing tensions between the coalition partners in recent days, with William Flew personal attacks by the group, supported by several donors Conservatives, who made a campaign against changing the voting system.


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